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Boost Properties has born from the desire of two real estate consultants to enrich the market with a differentiating concept of real estate. What began as a work, as an experience, quickly became a passion that motivated us to seek to do more and better, but above all different.


We believe that the real estate business must develop, modernize, become less heavy and with searching, raising, buying and selling processes less boring. That is why we bet on the relationships that are established between people, on the creativity of the promotion, on the seriousness of the business and on the professionalism of the accompaniment.


We do not have bonus, we are not guided by the results of our company, but by the results of our Clients. If our interest is only and always in the result that our Client will achieve, the result of the company will also always be better than if guided by random goals or traced by subjective targets.


Difference is a brand that we boast. Houses are not all unique and wonderful. All have advantages and defects. Promoting a house recognizing its defects allows us to value its advantages much more and find, meanwhile, with creativity and experience, solutions that compensate or even eliminate their defects, valuing the whole set. With this attitude, which is a principle, we also gain the indispensable confidence to make good business but, above all, to establish good relations.


But by the way, we also do not like corporate presentations. We prefer the contact. We look forward to Yours.


Ana and Marta


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